St Killians Importing Co.

St. Killian is a full-service importer, providing all 50 states with world-class beers and malt beverages from around the globe.  Since 1983, we have been mindfully crafting our portfolio of exceptional ales and lagers.  St. Killian keeps a watchful eye on specialty beer trends, and are continually looking for opportunities to expand our range with unique and interesting styles of malt beverages.  We partner with each brewery we represent to share their distinctive products – and their unique stories – with beer enthusiasts across the United States.  
St. Killian Importing Co. is a division of the L. Knife & Son Companies. L. Knife & Son was established in Plymouth, MA in 1898. Since then, mergers and acquisitions have led to a network of 20 distributorships in 14 states: one of the largest distributor networks in America.

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