Not that vinegary Chardonnay in the fridge. Not the confusion of “floral notes” or “high tannins”. Not the paralyzing choice of wine that forces us to stick to our tried and tested. Not the inability to tell a waiter what exactly you want. Not the should-I-waste-this-or-just-get-wasted? Not even the silly cork.
That’s why we’re here. We want to free you to be able to truly enjoy that wine in your hand. The wine you really want. Right now. With your chicken. With Kuvée you can keep multiple bottles open at the same time and tasting just as great as when you first opened them. We help you effortlessly switch between them. We work directly with vineyards and winemakers, some famous ones you know, some off-the-beaten-path we hope to introduce to you. Regardless, all of our wines are selected for their quality, value, and level of craft so you can be certain that what you are drinking is going to be good no matter what. And we help you learn about the wine as you drink so you can always find one you’ll love, whether you’re with us, in the store or ordering off the wine menu while out to dinner.
We give you the freedom to have what you truly want, when you want it. We uncork possibilities.

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